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Full Version: Suggestion
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Seeing the enjoyment much of the surf community has enjoyed from the todays tournement, i would like to suggest that we have more things and opportunities like this such as comp nights because within my time on the forums this is the first time any event has occured for people to enjoy together as a community.

-Dose Busters (Daddy)
Yeah, we had a plan to host 12 community events this year ( (1 event per month), however, we've fallen behind schedule on this. This year we've hosted a Rocket League Event in January (hosted by ), a Pinturillo 2 night in March, and the current Surf Tournament in May. I'm sure Byte would love to host community events more often but he has a busy schedule and it takes alot of effort to set up events like Comp Night, and tournaments like this Surf Tourney. The next event is likely to be comp night and I believe it will be held in 2 - 3 months but that all depends on how busy Byte is.