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Start Round Lag - Seth - 04-11-2019

So yeah most special days (especially Warday or any day where armoury is used when there is a lot of people)  the server lags to the point where you can't move without being rubber banded and in some cases the server crashes.

Kinda a problem where it crashes which sucks

RE: Start Round Lag JB - polarbear - 04-11-2019

occurs frequently on clouds

RE: Start Round Lag JB - Craziboy_1 - 04-11-2019

can confirm, likely due to armoury spam at the start of special days, however, due to the lack of special days i've played in on clounds today I can only confirm it occuring on Warday and Zombie Day

RE: Start Round Lag JB - squief - 04-11-2019

Mostly on clouds but happens sometimes on other maps.

RE: Start Round Lag JB - Byte - 05-11-2019

I think we had a gun spawn limit plugin to help with this.
I can't remember the details exactly but it may now be on the server right now.

RE: Start Round Lag - Seth - 05-11-2019

still fucked on clouds rip

RE: Start Round Lag - Leevie - 02-08-2020

still happening

RE: Start Round Lag - Seth - 18-08-2020

Leevie fush and chups

RE: Start Round Lag - stu - 18-08-2020

(18-08-2020/07:55 PM)Seth Wrote: Leevie fush and chups

i want melb fish and chips the fish and chips up here is dogshit